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Actor GUY CASTONGUAY (left) and
producer MIKE ROM (right) on a
new TucsonFilm.com shoot .



Actor Michael Pierce (front) finds
something interesting in the new
PCMP HD short "A Can of Clouds."








(with bounce board), TIMOTHY GASSEN (middle),
and actor WAYNE STRICKLER (far right)
at the riverbed in DirectorMIKE ROM's "Gold."








the CD & DVD box set on DIonysus








Rod Roddenberry (center) with crew








"Moon" cast & crew in Hollywood










"Another Trip To The Moon"






PCMP's weekly KGUN-9 TV show








"Fear his pants size!"



A few bits of recent PCMP news & updates:



International distribution deal signed for our 5-hour "Best of The WHA Hall of Fame" video Blu-ray  and two DVD sets,
more audio production and record licensing completed, consultations and film licensing to US and Canada TV networks --
plus the construction of an all-new HD video and audio editing suite for PCMP!


The 5-hour "Best of The WHA Hall of Fame" video Blu-ray sees release, more music and film licensing deals completed.


The 2-LP, colored vinyl, gatefold sleeve "Very Best Of" for The long-time rock band The Marshmallow
Overcoat sees release, along with the new Knights of Fuzz paper book. The Blu-Ray edition of the
WHA Hall of Fame hockey video series is set for release.



More music licensing deals signed, new hardcover book published, two new paperback books
published and PCMP LLC's first Blu-Ray Disc release are readied for market.

Also PCMP LLC's Timothy Gassen hired by the Hallmark Channe l /CBC co-production titled "Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story."
which debuted on TV in May 2013 and on DVD in Blu-Ray Disc.



PCMP LLC signs music licensing representation and digital distribution deals, and author Timothy Gassen signs new deals for
two books to appear in late 2012.

New documentary video productions are readied for commercial release, and more footage license
deals are made to broadcasters in the US and Canada.



More WHA hockey documentary video production throughout the US, plus mammoth audio
productions and releases releases in late 2011, including a 6-CD box set for underground rockers
The Marshmallow Overcoat.



12 hours of new hockey documentaries finish post-production and are readied for release in mid 2010.

Pre-production continues on PCMP's first dramatic feature film...


late 2009

PCMP completes shooting in Canada and the US for new hockey documentaries, to be released in 2010 as several DVD box sets.


mid 2009

Screenings of the "Gretzky, Indy & The WHA" box set continue, including in Arizona in support of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes franchise.


early 2009

The 2-DVD "Gretzky, Indy & The WHA" box set sees release & a gala premiere in Canada at the Hockey Hall of Fame and also in Indianapolis. Director Timothy Gassen produced the box set for PCMP LLC.


late 2008

PCMP shoots throughout the US & Canada for the upcoming hockey-Gretzky-WHA DVD box set. Post-production should be completed by December 2008, with a 2009 release date for the box set. This is one of the most ambitious productions ever tackled by PCMP, and is eagerly anticpated by Gretzky and hockey history fans worldwide.


mid 2008

PCMP completes production on a new music video for the German rock band THE SATELLITERS.

Author Timothy Gassen's feature retrospective piece on classic UK power-pop band THE JAGS will appear in Misty Lane magazine in Italy.

The new MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT alt-rock album, "The Light Show," sees release. PCMP produced the album, which also includes a new "making of" video and extensive CD-ROM content alongside the standard audio.

PCMP-favorite GUY CASTONGUAY returned from Toronoto to star in a new TucsonFIlm.com TV spot with producers MIKE ROM and TIMOTHY GASSEN.

New DVD and film distribution deals are in the works, and close to being announced for PCMP. Stay Tuned!


late 2007:

Production wraps on the feature-length DVD titled Another Trip To The Moon ... And Beyond -- a collection of recent PCMP short films, including the new HD short A Can of Clouds and other unreleased material.

Author Timothy Gassen's new book, Red, White & Blues hits store shelves nationally. Book release events and personal appearances start in the midwest.

Planning begins for the 2008 TucsonFIlm.com ShortFest, and hours of new films are added to the free streaming video site at TucsonFilm.com


mid 2007:

Production wraps on the High Definition short A Can of Clouds, which will be the final addition to a feature-length compilation of recent PCMP dramatic short films due later in 2007.

Vote For Zombie makes the fim festival rounds, and a week-long theatrical run with the indie feature "Mercy."

Director Timothy Gassen authors a feature piece for the Super-8 Today magazine on his pro uses of Super-8 negative film in dramatic production. Gassen also finsihes his book on the history of the Indianapolis Racers major league hockey team after three years of research.

New PCMP audio releases include a CD album from electo-minimalist-wave legends JACKET WEATHER.


Early 2007:

The Second Annual TucsonFilm.com ShortFest schedule is announced HERE

The long-awaited KNIGHTS OF FUZZ DVD is released nationally, to rave reviews and strong sales.

Shooting & post-prod on the political horror parody VOTE FOR ZOMBIE is completed and premieres to an enthusiastic audience. The 16mm drama DEAD END is also completed.

Final editing and layout for author Timothy Gassen's third paper book, RED WHITE & BLUES, is completed. Publication date to be announced ASAP.

Hours of free short films are up & running at www.TucsonFilm.com

Two more science-fiction shorts are completed: LEVEL 7 and SPECIMEN.


June 2006:

Post-Production for the 16mm supernatural film Dead End begins, along with pre-production for a new short film...

Creation of the new TucsonFilm.com streaming video site nears completion. The FREE site will launch soon and feature 50 new short films!

The Knights of Fuzz DVD heads to manufacture, and the Jacket Weather resoration CD makes the record company rounds...

Three new PCMP short films begin to make the film festival circuit...

Early 2006:

The "Knights of Fuzz: the garage & psychedelic music explosion" DVD nears production completion; slated for mid-2006 release.

PCMP wraps on the new supernatural short film, "Gold," directed by Mike Rom, and lensed by Timothy Gassen.

The TucsonFilm.com ShortFest (April 15, 2006) is announced. Go HERE for complete info!

Fall 2005

The TUCSONFILM.COM Micro-Cinema launches September 11 in downtown Tucson! (see our Dramtic Film section for details.)

Ther PCMP HD short "The Bombardier" is announced as an official selection for the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival...

Development of PCMP's first feature film is under way. The action-horror flick will lens in 2006, in Arizona if ifnancially feasible. Check back here for more details as they are set!

July 2005

Two new long-awaited audio-video releases for PCMP: underground rockers The Marshmallow Overcoat CD/DVD set “26 Ghosts: the best of 1986-2005” and the Purple Merkins' “Merkinmania!” CD both see release on Dionysus Records in Los Angeles. Gassen produced all the audio tracks for both releases and directed the video DVD.

June 2005

PCMP applies newly acquired widescreen film hardware in their new comedy short “Hammerhead,” shot outside on the year's hottest Arizona day, which peaked at 110 degrees.

April 2005

Gassen applies techniques gleamed from his Paramount Pictures visit on the ambitious 11-minute High Definition dramatic short, “The Bombardier,” shot inside a vintage restored B-17 WWII bomber. Film festivals will commence for the widescreen short throughout 2006.

Also, “Another Trip to the Moon” wins a 2005 best-picture award from the Tucson Micro-Cinema.

March 2005

Timothy Gassen was invited as a visiting director to observe a production and post-production cycle on the Paramount Pictures TV series “Star Trek Enterprise.” Gassen shadowed longtime director and Trek DP Marvin Rush through an episode – the second-to-last for the series -- and he also saw firsthand how Paramount's new HD technologies were handled through post. “The Trek cast & crew couldn't have been more gracious to me, and the most important thing I learned was that I am truly ready to direct my first feature film. Thank you Enterprise!”

Gassen is also slated to appear in the upcoming feature documentary film “Trek Nation.” He conducted an on-camera interview of Rod Rodenberry – son of Trek creator Gene Rodenberry. Theatrical release for “Trek Nation” should be announced shortly.

December 2004

Two new PSAs produced by PCMP – for The Pima Air & Space Museum and Catholic Social Services are currently in broadcast play in Arizona...

October 2004

PCMP owner Timothy Gassen returned to hockey journalism as a columnist for InsideHockey magazine (www.insidehockey.com). Gassen has placed hockey features in a new book on the World Hockey Association, and another in the major history magazine “Traces” due out in early 2005. Gassen is also writing a multi-media book on the history of the WHA's Indianapolis Racers — Wayne Gretzky's first professional hockey team.

September 2004

PCMP's sci-fi film “Another Trip To The Moon” debuted at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, earning thunderous applause and special recognition from festival director Robert Arentz. The film also screened at the USA Film Festival and was a finalist for "Best Picture" at Shockerfest, with other festivals to follow throughout 2005. International distribution for the film has been secured.

July 2004

Garage-rockers The Marshmallow Overcoat saw release of their “Fuzz, Screams & Tambourines” vinyl LP. New sessions were also recorded in summer 2004 under the pseudonym Thee Hands of Tyme. A Hands/Overcoat 45 will see release in Greece in 2005.

April 2004

A gala film premiere for “Another Trip To The Moon” benefits the Pima Air & Space Museum. A behind the scenes documentary was also be screened, and the film's cast & crew answered questions and described the arduous task of making "Another Trip To The Moon." The widescreen science-fiction fantasy film was shot throughout Southern Arizona in 2003, with some scenes shot on the Museum grounds at the Challenger Learning Center.

May 2003 – February 2004

Months of post-production on “Another Trip To The Moon” commences. Scores of special effects are designed, tested and created. An original dramatic music score is written and recorded – the entire post process is the most complicated production marathon by PCMP to date.

March 2003

The new dramatic short film “Level 7” debuts at iFilm.com. Production begins on the ambitious sci-fi epic “Another Trip To The Moon” throughout Southern Arizona.

Throughout 2002

Commercial work takes the lead at PCMP, with recent commercial clients including major software and computer companies, non-profits, and a major newspaper...

January 2002

iFilm, the prominent internet streaming video site, debuted "Fastback," a short film by filmmaker Timothy Gassen. The seven-minute short, shot with a combination of film and video, is available for free viewing. The 10-minute "Attack of The Big-Ass Mummy" is a humorous homage to 1940s Universal horror films, while "Satan Bass 2001 & 2002" is a parody one-minute TV commercial.

October 2001

The weekly country music video show “TwangTV” is created by PCMP and debuts on KGUN-9 TV. The 30-minute country music-video show aired each Saturday night at 11 p.m. throughout Southern Arizona

on KGUN-9 TV for its 13-week run. PCMP brokered an unique partnership with four other Tucson media leaders as the show's Media Presenters: Coyote Country KOYT 92.9 FM radio, The Arizona Daily Star newspaper, azstarnet.com, and KGUN-9 TV.

August 2001

“The Knights of Fuzz: the garage & psychedelic music explosion 1980-2000” enhanced multimedia CD-ROM sees global release. The new CD-ROM is much more than an electronic version of the original 300-page book authored by Timothy Gassen. It contains scores of update articles, reproductions of vintage garage fanzines, and loads of new color photos. A 26 song album-length audio compilation and seven high-quality music videos complete the multi-media experience.

May 2001

Just released on the New York City record label Cavestomp! is a new enhanced CD of the re-union concert for 1960s garage legends The Chocolate Watchband. PCMP created the QuickTime video clips that complete the package.

March 2001

Hordes of onlookers gathered recently to watch a very large bandaged mummy romp through downtown Tucson. No Egyptian tombs have been robbed -- the rotund mummy is a character for PCMP's short comedy film “Attack of the Big-Ass Mummy.” The short will be one of four new PCMP films ready for distribution in 2001.

December 2000

Gassen's pen has been busy creating profiles of Tucson's best nightclubs, bars and restaurants for the CitySearch.com Web site, and he continues his regular music column for the national Magnet Magazine, among other international music magazines.

September 2000

PCMP owner Timothy Gassen recently sold a story concept to the popular Star Trek Voyager television series, produced by Paramount Pictures. "I'm delighted to contribute to Voyager, and I'm told this could lead to more creative opportunities with the new Star Trek TV series currently in development," Gassen says. (See above for Gassen's “Enterprise” visit.)

June 2000

Purple Cactus Media Productions has added Video-CDs for record company music releases to its production lineup. The first slew of Video-CD releases produced by PCMP include new albums for bands The Standells and The Monks (on New York's Cavestomp! Records). PCMP is also an official sponsor for Cavestomp! Records' annual alternative music festival, which runs in New York City from November 3-5, 2000.

February 2000

Purple Cactus Media Productions launches as a full-service film and video company. Timothy Gassen, a media maker with more than 20 years of professional experience in Arizona, heads the company. "I've been accumulating all of my media experience to produce and direct feature length narrative films," Gassen says, "and that's what PCMP will make possible, along with commercial work."