FRONT LP cover (top) and BACK LP (bottom)

Jacket Weather


1) The River Sleeps
2) Markers
3) Trust
4) Must Be West
5) I Would Dream
6) A Busy Morning

1) Set Ajar
2) La Terra Verde
3) Life To Live
4) In Like Flint
5) Betrayal
6) Air Is Cold

Bandcamp digital download CD cover

and Bandcamp download edition:

Set Ajar

Life To Live

In Like Flint

The River Sleeps

Air Is Cold (2012)

Jacket Weather
Bandcamp digital download track list:

1. Set Ajar
2. The River Sleeps
3. I Would Dream
4. A Busy Morning
5. Markers
6. Jacket Weather
7. La Terra Verde
8. Life To Live
9. Must Be West
10. Trust
11. Hide The Sky
12. Air is Cold (2012)

1983 - 1984 outtakes
13. No Flowers
14. Betrayal

1982 demos
15. Must Be West
16. In Like Flint
17. Set Ajar
18. Betrayal

19. Not Me
20. Jigsaw Girl (instrumental)
21. Her Marriage
22. Jacket Weather (Casiotone version)

1982 outtakes
23. Money Music
24. Jigsaw Girl (vocal)
25. Forever Bones

Live in Concert & On The Radio
26. Not Me (live)
27. Money Music
28. Colorado Springs Radio
29. Tucson Radio


PO BOX 121



When Shadows Move 1982-1984

12-song VINYL ALBUM from Rave Up Records in Italy

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notes and printable CD package design.

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JACKET WEATHER: 30th Anniversary Introduction

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of Jacket Weather in 2007 with an 18-song
CD of re-mastered audio, much of it previously unreleased. At the time it included
all the band’s available tracks but in 2012, a full five years later at the band’s 30th
anniversary, we have finally unearthed every Jacket Weather song recorded.

The original master tapes for the 1982 “It’s A Wonderful War” cassette album have
been found, and five of these songs are included in this collection for the first time.
Three songs from the 2007 release that were taken from the then-best-available
cassette source “In Like Flint,” “Not Me”and “Jigsaw Girl” are now presented
from the master tapes, with a vocal version of “Jigsaw Girl” also included. All eight
of these demos are now presented in the original cassette album running order.

An unfinished 1982 demo, “Forever Bones,” was discovered in 2012 and dubbed
with new vocals, and along with the all-new “Air Is Cold” they are the first new
Jacket Weather recordings since 1984.

Completing the treasure hunt was the transfer from cassette of the only known
concert recording of Jacket Weather, from 1982, and a Colorado Springs radio
interview from 1983. Combined with the 18 songs previously available, this
expanded 29-track collection finally paints the complete aural history of the
“Casiotone orchestra” from 1982-1984 we called Jacket Weather.

The new 2013 twelve-song vinyl edition is the LP we wanted to release originally in
1983. Side A includes all six songs from our 1983 seven-inch vinyl EP and Side B
includes six unreleased tracks. Special thanks to Rave Up Records in Italy for
releasing the limited vinyl edition!

Zip up and hold on tight. For Jacket Weather, more than 30 years on, the “Air Is Cold.”

— Timothy Gassen
Tucson, AZ  2013


JACKET WEATHER's experimental 1982 & 1983 music videos are included in the
Bandcamp digital download release.


A Minimal Wave band history:

“For kids in the 1960s, the moment of inspiration was when they heard The
Beatles for the first time,” Jacket Weather frontman Timothy Gassen says.
“For me, when I heard Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer Love’ for the first time in 1981,
I was hooked on making pop sounds with synths.”

Gassen formed the pioneering minimalist-electro-wave act Jacket Weather in
1982, mixing dual Casiotone keyboards, real bass and drums with the desolate
 imagery of the Arizona desert. “I loved the contrast of the synths with human
percussion and the sensual backdrop of the desert,” Gassen adds. “We thought
the tension of my cold, distant vocals and synths with the bombastic rock rhythm
section made our sound unique.”

Described in their day as a cross between Joy Division and Young Marble Giants,
with some Wall Of Voodoo mixed in, Jacket Weather etched their own minimalist
sound. Staccato, expressionistic vocals accent the snake-like mingling of the
Casiotones, while a steady dance pulse backs the eerie mixture. Equally
enraptured with Euro-synth, English post-punk and Los Angeles punk-wave,
Jacket Weather found inspiration from such opposites as Our Daughter’s
Wedding to the Suburban Lawns for their Casiotone symphonies.

The band recorded a cassette album in 1982, released a six-song vinyl EP in
1983 (titled “When Shadows Move”) and also recorded a complete album that
remained unreleased until now.

Original session producer Gassen (who has gone on to a career in indie rock
and film) recently found all the master tapes from early demos, to the EP tapes,
to the unreleased album and re-mastered and assembled them all into the
collection that has been unheard for 30 years.

It’s the dark and mysterious (Casio) tones of Jacket Weather that finally
take center stage, three decades since they first drifted through the Arizona night.

Timothy Gassen: keyboards, percussion, vocals
Debra Dickey:
Howie Salmon:
Bass: Lee Joseph, Chris Holiman, John Ganem


From the 30th anniversary liner notes:

The Arizona Daily Star’s Jill Schensul called the band, “Dark, furtive and sort of specter-like. Jacket Weather’s two keyboardists — Timothy Gassen and Debra Dickey — weave
together smooth, tentative phantoms of sound. My favorite is ‘Must Be West,’ one of the
most distinctive songs, and also illustrative of JW’s sound: rolling, almost toylike keyboards; Gassen spitting out two or three-word sentences for a stream-of-consciousness effect, and
nice breaks in rhythm for added interest. Gassen relies heavily on natural imagery: water,
sand, snakes. Desolate, but not in an angry way — more wistful than despairing. This is a distinctive smart endeavor.”

The 1982 debut cassette album (left) and the 1983 7" vinyl EP (right)