TOP: Filmmakers and film fans gather outside the
Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona before the start of
the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest, April 15, 2006.

BOTTOM: ShortFest co-director Mike Rom shared his
wealth of production experience in the Afternoon
Filmmaker's seminar.


TOP: "Trouble in Theater 3" &
Nancy Kriss of "Flat Tire"
BOTTOM: Darren Rudy & Phillip Lybrand
of "Deck of Gray"

ABOVE: Francisco Landin, Jr. of "Kitty" &
Jamie Williams of "American Cowgirl"

ABOVE: Steve Bayless and Tina Huerta
of "Dude Vision


Stay tuned for massive online TucsonFilm.com ShortFest, featuring streaming versions
of almost all of the April 15
festival and a dozen more
films selected specifically
for the online festival!


"Short Films. Big Ideas."

This past year's 2006 ShortFest info:

TucsonFilm.com ShortFest re-cap:
Creating the first TucsonFilm.com ShortFest was an almost impossible challenge. The forces for the fest and against it seemed to battle right up until the festival's start and at least for now we can report that "good" has prevailed.

Do not under-estimate the power of goodwill. Many stumbling blocks in life can be overcome by responding to negative, hurtful, or selfish acts with acts of kindness and concern in return.

We are delighted to report that hundreds of kindred spirits flocked to the ShortFest and helped to grow the goodwill and cooperative spirit which were our foremost goals.
We raised money for the Loft Cinema, a non-profit whose worth to the film community is immense. We met so many filmmakers who are new to us we soon realized that we did not know personally even one of the filmmakers who were screening films in the competition! This was a wonderful revelation to us we were able to expose a whole new world of talented filmmakers to Tucson, outside of scene politics!

And many filmmakers came to the ShortFest from Phoenix. They certainly were not snobby about coming to Tucson, and all filmmakers seemed to appreciate that films were grouped TOGETHER as being from Arizona not from Tucson vs. Phoenix or elsewhere. We filmmakers are in this together, not against each other!

Filmmakers also expressed happiness that the film selection reflected their own goals and interests as actual filmmakers. This was not a film festival picked by faceless "filmtalkers," high on their theoretical hill, offering their proclamation about what kind of film is "important" or not. This festival was created by working, professional filmmakers, especially for other filmmakers. Many fest-goers thanked us for programming wonderful films that self-important fests would never show. And yes, they liked that some of the films were downright silly!

Was The ShortFest one of the finest collections of short films to ever show in Tucson, as was our goal? The people whose opinions count most to us our filmmaker peers judged it so.

We gave certificates to all the filmmakers, both those who were screening that night and those who will screen in the upcoming online ShortFest. We also gave free fest tickets to ALL filmmakers who entered the festival.

Inclusion Acceptance Encouragement yes, we hammered at those themes in this festival. We also gave away passes to future Loft events, as well as free CDs and DVDs from Phoenix's 727 Records and Tucson's PCMP.

We do apologize that the festival was so hectic that co-director Mike Rom and myself were not able to spend as much time talking with filmmakers as we wished! Please forgive us, and please let's all talk and work together soon!

Timothy Gassen
April 17, 2006


TOP: "The Intervention of Brad"
BOTTOM: "Leonardo"

ABOVE: "Hold Fast"

Special Thanks to:
JJ Giddings, Shipherd Reed, Erin White at the Arizona Daily Star, Chuck Graham at the Tucson Citizen, Ray Frieders at Cox Media, Sarah Gassen, Guy Castonguay, Scott Christensen, Jim Manogue, Daniel King, Ed Bertschy, and everyone else who continues to work to unite our film community!


Filmmaker comments about the first ShortFest:

I wanted to thank you again for the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest! I had a wonderful time as did many others. The seminar was very informative and thoughtful and giving out official selection certificates to online shorts was a very nice gesture. Please let me know if you have any other events for the Tucson film community that we can help out with.
Marc Padilla, co-producer Trouble in Theater 3!

Thanks so much for including me and my film in the festival. Iit was a LOT of fun and I was amazed at the quailty!
Adam Warmington, director "Holdfast"

No doubt in my mind that your ShortFest was all-substance and lo-fluff, which is saying alot in this town. Great films on Saturday! Sarah and I had a great time. Thanks El Super Ocho (ESO) for the chance to get out, see good film, and meet new faces from around Arizona.
Dan King, UA Media Arts

Thank you for a wonderful festival. I know that you have worked very hard, and I think you did an excellent job at the panel and at the showing of the films, and with the whole film festivals as a whole.
Cecille Manson, director The Yellow Butterflky ("Best of Arizona" winner)

Saturday was excellent. Congratulations to both of you and to everyone else who was involved in making it the success it was.
Wayne Strickler, actor

We are tremendously happy with the prize we won in your festival. All our friends were shocked when we told then that we had won a festival in Tucson! Everybody said the same: "Tucson... ouh! Arizona! Cool!" It's an honor to know what you told me about what the audience felt watching "El Gran Zambini."
Emilio Perez, co-director "El Gran Zambini" (Spain) ("Best of Show" winner)