TucsonFilm.com ShortFest

The SUBMISSION PROCESS FOR THE 2008 TucsonFilm.com ShortFest
is now CLOSED!

See the list of selected theatrical and online films: HERE

SEE YOU SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 at the Crossroads Cinema!

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Here are some answers to common questions about the ShortFest:

Q: How much does it cost to submit my film for possible screening?
A: The cost of submissions is only $15 per film; this is the lowest submission fee of any major film festival in Arizona!

Q: When & where is the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest:
A: Our next theatrical ShortFest is Saturday, February 9 at the Crossroads Festival Theater at 4811 E. Grant Road in Tucson, near the corner of Grant & Swan.

Q: What kind of films are you looking for?
A: The TucsonFilm.com ShortFest wants all kinds of short films — the shorter the better (about five minutes in length is optimal, but quality films that sustain viewer interest up to 15 minutes are also welcome.) Dramas, comedies, horror, sci-fi, documentary, experimental, personal — all genres will be considered for screening!

Q: OK, but which films will really get selected?
A: We're looking for original ideas, crazy stories, weird characters — anything out of the ordinary! A general content "rating" guideline is that the film should be able to be broadcast, and we are more interested in filmmakers taking chances than on technical perfection. And it should go without saying that we will not tolerate any racist, sexist, or jingoistic films. We like stupid films — but it better be "fun stupid," not just "mean stupid"!

Q: Other festivals only want my film if it is a "premiere," or only if it was made this past year, or only if it was made by a friend, student or employee of the festival director. How about you?
A: Unlike many other festivals, the actual films and the filmmakers are our priority. So all films are welcome for submission, whether they've shown at other festivals or not, and from whatever era they were made. It also does not matter to us if a film has or has not won awards at other festivals. No film clique politics allowed here Only the best films will screen (and win) at the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest! If a film festival DEMANDS that your film be a premiere at their event, you should ask yourself: does that restriction benefit the filmmaker or the film festival? Our entry requirements are designed for the filmmaker and filmgoer!

Q: Do I have to be a filmmaker in Tucson, Arizona to have my film screened?
A: We like to give Tucson, Phoenix & Arizona filmmakers special consideration, but we are looking for great films from anywhere on the globe!

Q: What video format can you use to screen?
A: It's easiest for us to receive your film or video on mini-DV tape. We will accept submissions on DVD (in the NTSC format), though, if that's all you have. (Please test your home-made DVDs in a stand-alone player; sometimes computer-made DVDs will not play in other machines.) Remember — the selected videos will be projected onto a very large theater screen, and mini-DV will look the best of all these formats!

NOTE: if you have a widescreen (16x9) film, submit it in a letterboxed 4x3 aspect ratio since our master DV projection reels will be projected in 4x3. (We do not have the time to convert your 16x9 anamorphic widescreen DVDs into a letterboxed 4X3 format.) Audio will be presented in 2-channel stereo.

Q: Will you send back my film?
A: We can't afford to return submissions, but if you need your film back let us know and you can pick it up at the next screening in Tucson, Arizona. Or, include a properly Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE), and we'll pop your submission into a USPS mailbox for its return. Remember, send a COPY of your film — do NOT send us the original master tape of your film!

Q: Filmmakers have created this film festival. Will you show your own films?
A: Yes, filmmakers involved in the creation of this festival might very well have some of their own work screened, but they will NOT be in competiton for the filmmaker prizes!

Q: What else do I get if my film is selected for screening?
A: With the filmmaker's approval, some films will be selected to be available online as FREE streaming movies. Don't want your film to be considered for free streaming? No problem — just check the appropriate box on the submission form.

Have more questions? E-mail the TucsonFilm ShortFest co-director Mike Rom: mike_rom@hotmail.com